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Honduras Microlot El Chile
The Honduras Microlot El Chile has a smooth and elegant nutty, caramel flavour. It has a cupping score of 86.0 and really is a single origin you must try to fully appreciate.

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The Honduras Microlot El Chile is grown from a cooperative of four farmers who take great care and pride in the way they hand pick, sort and process their coffee. And their commitment to this type of coffee shows in the cup, the flavors are intense and bright. This coffee is a real testament to the farmers and they are great ambassadors of Honduran coffee. 

Microlot coffee is a type of coffee which has been deliberately set aside from other coffee because it has a very high cupping score, 85+.
A microlot coffee is a truly unique coffee. It normally comes from a single farmer or, a ‘cream of the crop’ estate or cooperative and is only available in small quantities consequently making it a bit more expensive than regular specialty coffee. 

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Good morning, which of your current single origin beans do you offer as a filter roast whole bean? I'll order this morning if you back to me early. As I live in Montrose Melbourne when could I expect delivery? Thanks in advance Greg G

Hi there Greg Thanks for the email ,all the coffee I sell is roasted to the second crack ,and would be ok for filter coffee I do not roast the coffee to a dark colour because I believe it affects the taste of the coffee . If you ordered to day coffee would be sent on Monday so should be there on Wednesday ,if Australia post do the right thing ,cheers Andrew

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