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Rwanda "Gihombo" Microlot
Amazing tasting coffee from Africa ,tasting notes chocolate ,currents and cherry


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Located in Rwanda's Western Region and built in 2006, the Gihombo wet mill became fully functional in 2011. Situated in the hills surrounding Lake Kivu, the volcanic soil and 1020mm rainfall ensures prime growing conditions for coffee. Since opening, the Gihombo Wet Station has shown consistency in processing quality and the owner uses profits to reinvest in the station to ensure continued growth in both quality and volume.
The coffee bean varieties are Catuai and Bourbon, which are fully washed and sundried.
A very interesting coffee and worth a try if you like different single orgin.



Name : Robert
Location : Sydney
Title : Versatile and rewarding
Review : This deserves its five stars, and is the drink for any time of the day. The nose for me is quite singular, reminding me of "dusty earth"; it is uncomplicated yet complete. This is true for the beans and once brewed. The palate however contains surprises. For a start, the earthiness continues, while presenting additional layers of flavour which for me include morello cherry, providing the backbone for this coffee, and the character (but not the sweetness) of molasses or demerara and has a full mouth-feel that supports drinking black, unsweetened, or, unlike some coffees, this one will not get lost in the fattiness of added milk. This coffee stands by itself, and best drunk without food accompaniment. An absolute winner. Addit: the considerable differences between Andrew's coffees, each and every one of fabulous quality and roasting consistency, saw me buy a second grinder so I can enjoy different coffees throughout the day. Definitely recommended.

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