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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Mountain Water Decafe
A great full body coffee, without the caffeine.


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There are times in one’s lives, when we need to be a little less stimulated, but would still like to taste the wonderful coffee taste which comes with coffee, this is the time for a great full body Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Mountain Water Decafe Decafe coffee. I know there a lot of jokes about Decafe coffee, Death before Decafe, or Decafe soya latte which is called “a why bother” in Barista circles, but we say live and let live, there is a place in the world for everything and also Decafe. 
This is a new addition to the Decafe range of coffees and it really stands out ,with beautiful natural Yirgacheffe flavours
-lemon ,floral notes ,jasmine ,shine through creating a truly exceptional decafe experience. 

Medium roast. $35.00 per KG.

Name : Peter
Review : 12 years ago much to my horror I was advised to give up coffee by my doctor. He said decaf was OK in moderation but I couldn't find one I enjoyed until I found the Colombian water Decaffeinated Coffee from Coffee Warehouse. It is satisfying and delicious. Thanks for finding this coffee for me Andrew. Signed Peter F Coolongolook

I want to buy roasted decaf coffee beans. Can't work out how much 3 kilo of these will cost me with postage free. Please reply so I can go ahead and place an order.

Hi there Sorry to be so long getting back to you ,your message got lost in the shopping cart system ,the cost of 3 kilos would be $105.00 including postage ,hope this helps cheers Andrew

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