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Mexican RFA Kassanda
An amazing coffee from Mexico with a strong taste of fruit, plum, port wine like, citric and chocolate


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Don Guillermo was ambitious from the outset. His vision was to turn the plantation into the largest and best coffee estate in Veracruz. It has always sought to produce a high yield of Estate Quality Coffee – ensuring these standards by producing and milling the coffee on site. Although situated some 16 kilometres away from Casa Blanca, on the road to Coahepec, the conditions have proved even more favourable for coffee production. Annual precipitation is similar, but
importantly the temperature is a couple of degrees cooler thanks to an elevation of between 1240 – 1450 metres above sea level. In keeping with his ambitious vision, Don Guillermo visited El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Colombia and Brazil to ensure the plantation grew varieties in their purest form. He returned from his travels with Pacamara, Caturra, Catuai and Typica ( Jamaican Blue Mountain) seeds. The plantations were started in June 1997 at the beginning of the rainy season. Since then some 398 hectares have been planted with a further 40 hectares converted in 2004. It’s pleasing to note that 27 hectares have remained unplanted to allow the virgin rain forest to remain a refuge for the wildlife.

Finca Kassandra, formerly a cattle ranch, was left with few trees by its previous owners. Initially it was decided to start an open plantation, similar to the high production farms of Costa Rica. This approach has altered over the years and currently there is a plan under way to plant shading trees of local and foreign varieties to aid the coffee during cold spells. Although shade technically makes the trees less productive, the plants fair better as they produce lower yields, the ground retains more water during the dry season and, as a result, the cup is markedly improved. Shade also protects trees from inclement weather often associated with higher altitude plantations. I noted too that these trees are home to many permanent and migrating species of birds.

Don Gabriel sees continuing the proud family tradition at Finca Kassandra and Casa Blanca as a great honour. I found his energy and passion for the coffee bean infectious and inspiring. It is hard not to recall his last words from the evening we met: “We miss Don Andreas and Dona Chabela, but their spirit, values and stories live on in the trees and coffee produced in Finca Kassandra’. There is no doubt in my mind he serves this legacy handsomely. Parts of the Kassandra farm have been left virgin to allow for natural shade.

Product Name: rfa shG finca Kassandra
Tree varietal: arabica / bourbon, caturra, catuai, catimor
Plantation Producer: finca Kassandra
Country of Origin: Mexico
Area of Cultivation: Mountain Mesofilos forests, huatusco region
Altitude: 1200 to 1500 meters
Temperature: 22 degrees (c) average
Harvest Period: January to May
Harvest Method: hand pick
Processing Method: wet mill and dry mill
Certification: rainforest alliance
Aroma: citric and chocolate
Flavour: strong taste of fruit, plum, port wine like, citric and chocolate

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