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Africa West Coast Drinking Chocolate
Rich, full Body, dried Fruit with a luxurious finish. Pack size 1 kilo

A rich, complex hot chocolate crafted with premium “Dutch” cocoa sourced from the renewed cacao growing region of West Africa.  This region is blessed unique cacao varieties and high quality processes resulting in cocoas with complex flavors. That’s why we handcrafted this drinking chocolate using nothing but  two simple ingredients: Cocoa & Raw Cane Sugar. We left the quality of beans speak for themselves. Pack size 1 kilo

Direction to serve
HEAT ¼ cup of milk in  small sauce  pan until steaming (not yet boiling)
ADD 2 tbsp of drinking chocolate and whisk over low heat until of chocolate is completely melted
POUR into an cup, SIP and ENJOY

INGREDIENTS:  Cacao,  Cane Raw Sugar


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