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Single Origin New Guinea
Highly aromatic Arabica grown above 5000ft.


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Coffee is the highest foreign exchange earner for Papua New Guinea, the majority of which is grown in the Eastern Highland Province, the Western Highland Province and Simbu. With the industry not derived on a colonial plantation-based system, production is largely by small farmers with land holdings that grow as little as 20 trees per plot in “coffee gardens” alongside subsistence crops. Predominantly in isolated places the product is mostly certified as “organic” coffee, the coffee offered for sale is a highly aromatic Arabica from the Kokoda region this coffee is grown over 5000ft and possesses a very delicate combination of acidity, light body and a semi-sweet finish.     

Medium Roast. $25.00 per KG

Name : Bilpin Fruit Bowl
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Review : We have been using this great coffee for the last 6 years ,it goes really well with the home made apples with are baked daily for the passing travellers ,thanks Andrew

Do you do this in a dark roast

Hi there sorry I don't do roast passed the second crack ,so no I don't do the PNG in a dark roast and thank you for your email cheers Andrew

Roasted Coffee Beans in Wooden Scoop