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Hario "Mizudashi" Coffee Pot 600ml
Cold-brewed coffee prevents the grounds from being oxidized by heat and allows you to extract the full flavor of the coffee beans...a great way to enjoy the smooth rich flavor of a great ice coffee.
As the temperature starts to warm up a coffee drinker mind turn to something  cool and refreshing with a minimum of fuss
You can make Cold Brew coffee using pretty much any container and filtering the ground coffee with a strainer or filter paper.However,I highly recommend using a Cold Brew pot, for a more convenient and less ‘fiddly’ experience. The Hario Mizudashi cold brew coffee maker features an internal mesh container that filters the coffee. So no need to use multiple containers, just a single, easy to use and clean, device that is also dishwasher safe.It also has an eye-catching design, amazing cost benefit and quite frankly, the best name in the game of cold brew coffee.

Basic Hario Cold Brew Instructions:
  1. Grind 40g of coffee at a coarse setting and place in the strainer.
  2. Pour 500ml of cool water into the jug and top with the lid.
  3. Steep on the counter or in the fridge for 8-15 hours.
  4. When brewing is complete, take out the coffee-filled strainer and enjo
       Summer has never bean so good

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