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Cafflano Klassic
All -in-One Pour over Coffee Maker ,for great coffee when on the move

The Cafflano Klassic is an all-in-one coffee maker, portable for coffee lovers “on the go”, and can be used with your favorite coffee.  It’s also eco-friendly as it requires no electric power, disposable filters or cups.

The Cafflano is designed to be used with beans and these can be transported in the Grinder or Drip kettle. Cafflano Klassic grinder can be used as a standalone grinder for espresso (finest) or for various beans,

Operation is simplicity itself, you just unscrew the components, drop the Filter on top of the Tumbler, screw on the Grinder and add 10/15/20 or 25g of beans – there is a handy measure on the inside wall of the Grinder that’ll give you the increments. You then flip over the handle and crank away. Once you’ve turned the beans to powder (or more likely a coarser espresso grind), you remove the Grinder, fill the Drip Kettle with 250ml of very hot water, add the detachable lid – which screws on to bottom of the pourer – and trickle on some water to swell the grounds. After around 30-45 seconds you pour on the rest of the water and leave to steep. In a few minutes you’ll have a cup of hot coffee, which will stay warm for a decent amount of time in the insulated.

Available in black.

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